How Can I Sign In?

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One common task at many websites is the requirement to “sign in” in some way. Not all websites require signing in, but some do, and it is becoming more common. Signing in may provide additional features or may give you access to information that the general public doesn’t have.

Different websites have different requirements when it comes to signing in. Most require (at a minimum) a username and password. Some sites require other things. For instance, my bank also requires that I provide a bit of account information besides the username and password. Whatever the requirements, the items you need to sign in are known as credentials—they establish your authority to access whatever features or information is provided to site members.

To sign in, look for a small form that allows you to enter a username or a username and password. This form could appear most anywhere on a page. For instance, here are two examples from online banking sites:

Some sites don’t provide forms on the main page. Instead they provide a link to a sign-in page. Look for links that use the words “Sign In” or “Log In.” Click these and you can then provide your credentials. Here’s an example of such a link on Yahoo!:

If you don’t have an account with a website and you want to sign in, look for information that uses keywords such as “setting up an account” or “joining” or “become a member.” These will generally lead to more specific information that you’ll find helpful in establishing your own account.

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