Windstream Username and Password

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Windstream Communications provides phone and internet services throughout portions of the Atlantic seaboard of the United State. When you sign up for an account with Windstream, the company should provide you with a username and password to access and modify your Windstream account and any services offered by Windstream, such as e-mail.

If you experience problems with your username and password, you can contact Windstream customer service directly. They have several help numbers, depending on what username and password you need assistance with.

  • If you need help with your actual internet connection, with your e-mail, or with any personal Web pages hosted by Windstream, call 888-292-3827. (This is a toll-free number.)
  • If you need help with any of Windstream’s internet services for business, call 800-316-4581. (This is a toll-free number.)
  • For help with any other issue, call the Windstream Help Desk at 800-990-4449.

You can also access online support information at

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