Wireless Router IP Addresses

April 26, 2010

Most routers available on the market these days allow you to configure the router by using a normal web browser, such as Internet Explorer or Firefox. You simply “point” the browser to the IP address that is used by the router and then you can make any configuration changes you desire.  The problem is figuring [...]

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What Makes a Good Password?

April 17, 2010

It is a no-brainer that “password” is not a good password. Anything that can be easily guessed is, obviously, a bad password. But what makes a good password? What characteristics make for what people call a “strong” password?

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Changing Your Apple Macintosh Password

April 15, 2010

Got that great, sexy Mac, but need to change the password for your user account so others can’t get into your great, sexy Mac? (Or, perhaps, so that you can get into your own Mac just a bit easier?) Changing the password for a Mac user account just takes a few steps to accomplish. Assuming [...]

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